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Growing A Business  

Posted by Lee Johnson |
September 13, 2017
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Today we stumbled across an old interview with Tom Daily of Bdaily ( www.bdaily.co.uk ) with Lee and Kate Johnson back in April 2012. 

It's a great little flash back to when Smiley Booth was growing rapidly in the shadow of a recession - 



The whole customer journey

There are a huge number of hurdles to overcome when starting a business and then growing it over the following months and years. 

There's the usual stress of service delivery, product sourcing, finance management and relationships to name a few,...

Learning about franchise opportunities through a discovery day

Very recently we delivered a "Discovery Day" to several franchise candidates who had driven and flown in from far and wide to attend.

It was a fast paced, social day that gave our candidates the opportunity to really get under the skin of the...

the value of business awards

Posted by Lee Johnson |
September 01, 2017
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As a business owner it can be a long and lonely road to success. 

The stress of the roller coaster ride of managing cash flow, delivering to customers, building strategy, managing implementation and continued innovation can be exhausting. 


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