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The Stars Come Out for Smiley Booth

Posted by Lee Johnson |
August 30, 2017
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Sometimes life has a way of connecting you to places where you never would have thought you'd be. 

It's often the case with events. A chance encounter, random introduction or friendly network can see you meeting people and being in places that are entirely unexpected. 

You see, photo booth hire is not all weddings and private parties as is often perceived. There are often occasions when, as a Smiley Boother, you find yourself at a highly unusual and exclusive occasion. 

This has certainly been the case for our Glasgow franchisees Alan and Louise and our Edinburgh franchisee Robbie over the last couple of weeks. 


A Star Studded Event

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Both our customers and other events companies have often asked how we are able to get very high profile figures to hire our photo booth service. Some have commented that we must have sourced relationships with high end agencies or events companies. To a certain extent this is true, but in most scenarios its just a case of being recognised by someone for delivering great service and they happen to be connected to some high profile or influential individuals. 

This was perfectly demonstrated by Smiley Booth Glasgow. Whilst delivering a private party, the hosts were so struck by Alan and Louise's customer service that they were determined to use them again one day for any future events that may arise. Now this isn't unusual, but in this case the individual just happened to be an event organiser connected with the film industry. 

Netflix_Logo_DigitalVideo_0701.jpgWith short notice Alan and Louise found themselves in receipt of an email requesting their service for a private, exclusive party being held to celebrate the making of a new film for Netflix and the guest list would be full of A-list Hollywood stars

"I just couldn't believe it when I saw who was coming! I needed to get myself a new dress!"

Louise was ecstatic at the guest list.  Throughout the evening they met some of the biggest names in Hollywood and listened to the laughs and giggles eminating from the photo booth.

So whats next? 

Apparently there will be a wrap party for the conclusion of the movie being made and guess who's hoping to be part of the entertainment!

Oh, and if you're wondering where the images and names are, that's top secret at the moment while filming is underway but watch this space, part 2 to this story will unfold next year!


A Surprise Guest.....

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Robbie who runs Smiley Booth Edinburgh and with a fantastic track record of outstanding event delivery is well experienced in the variations and surprises a private party can throw at you. There's been countless examples of enthusiastic party goers of all shapes and sizes flocking to the booth to get their images from his photo booth. 

However, on this occasion there was a recognisable person in the queue.......

"I could see him in the line for the booth and kept thinking I recognised him, but just couldn't place him at first!"

As the group drew nearer and donned their hats and wigs the penny dropped!

"It's Wagner from X-Factor! I kept looking at him and it's always strange seeing someone form television face to face"

Wagner.jpgThe X Factor_2014.jpg

 The night was a huge hit and Robbie said Wagner couldn't have been nicer.

Its always busy this time of year, but the variety of the events we're all involved in keeps us excited and energised for the next one. The last two weeks have certianly had their highlights!

You never know where we may end up next. Previous guests inside our booths include One Direction, Jude Law, Florence of Florence and the Machine, Theo Paphitis, Elizabeth Hurley, Steve Coogan and many, many more.......


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