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2 things that your wedding supplier could do to ruin your wedding and how to avoid them

Posted by Kate Johnson |
September 20, 2017

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 Click the video below to see how you can avoid the supplier nightmare that unfortunately a few brides found themselves facing 



Whether you're hiring a photo booth, a DJ, a car or any other service that depends on the supplier keeping their promises and delivering on what they've sold you then you need to do your background checks.

In the years of delivering photo booths we've seen many horror stories in the press and from local networks where suppliers have either let down someone due to incompetence or ill intentions. 

Don't let yourself be one of these victims.....

Recently Lee, Smiley Booth's co-founder, witnessed a supplier massively let down hundreds of brides in an all too familiar story. This motivated him to create this impromptu video outlining two catastrophes that can be avoided by asking a few simple questions. 

Hopefully this will go some way to irradicate this problem for future brides and event organisors. 


Gazumping and over promising have pretty terrible consequences to your event. two companies that were prolific in this were photo bomb and bake a cake - 

Bake a Cake - 

Prolific for taking deposits across the country with no intention of delivering the events. 100's of brides were left without any hope of getting their money back or receiving the service they'd paid for. The owners faced prosecution, but it was of little compensation for the individuals without the service they had paid for on their big day.

Photo bomb - 

Due to over promising and never really having the equipment and staff to deliver the service Photo bomb found themselves taking hundreds of deposits and full payments without the resources to deliver. A post on 19th September apologising for the problem by the founder received over 500 responses from angry brides who had been let down and were unable to get a refund. 



Fortunately these occasions are rare, but when they do happen it can be devastating. 

Here at Smiley Booth we have a network of operators around the UK and Europe to ensure every event is delivered to the highest standard.

If you're interested in a Smiley Booth photo booth for your celebrations and would ike our prices and packages simply click below - 

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Topics: weddings, party, supplier

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