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Sun Sea and Smiles - Smiley Booth Cyprus

Posted by Kate Johnson |
July 20, 2017
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More and more couples are choosing to marry abroad, in fact a huge 1 in 4 british couples now wed overseas.

According to the Daily Mail ‘in the past two years alone, more than 400,000 brides and grooms married on holiday, mostly in tropical resorts. In the process they spent more than £4,300 each, pushing the amount spent by British couples on weddings abroad to £1.7billion’.* This is still less than a third of the cost of a traditional wedding celebration in the UK. Increasingly couples are taking large groups of guests with them and are looking to recreate the popular reception ideas that they see in the UK.

The photo booth has become increasingly popular over recent years and is now considered a staple at any wedding or celebration such as a bar mitzvah, prom or milestone birthday. Just as you would expect to dance to a DJ or band and enjoy some delicious cake. Now couples tying the knot on foreign soil can also indulge in this fun memory making entertainment.

Cyprus is a popular UK holiday destination welcoming over 1.1 million Brits last year.  The ‘island of love’ is also the most popular wedding destination in Europe and has kept up to date with UK event trends with not one but ten photo booth companies operating across the island. Smiley Booth has expanded their successful photo booth franchise and launched Smiley Booth Cyprus on the 12th July.

The new owners Valantis and his partner are excited to bring the very latest in event photo technology to the Cypriot market. With over 6000 hotels and many events happening throughout the year they are well placed to develop their new business.  


We are very excited about the new franchise in Cyprus. Back in 2009 we had to educate the market about which wasn’t easy. The same is true for France when we started in Nice late last year. In Cyprus however there is already a growing and vibrant event and photo industry. Our latest, most advanced equipment means Valantis can join ahead of the curve.


Valantis and his partner are no strangers to business. The entrepreneurial couple set up the country’s only pet clothing company last year and both have big plans for their photo booth franchise. In fact they took on their first event, a wedding with 1000 guests the day after they finished their franchise training and the second event the day after!


Smiley Booth are currently expanding across Europe and the Far East. If you’d like to join the Smiley Booth international team you can find out more at smileybooth.co.uk/franchiseopportunities.


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