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Smiley Booth Glasgow - GOING THE EXTRA SMILE...

Posted by Alan McLardie |
June 22, 2017

I'm sitting writing this in the Village Hotel, Glasgow while the kids are at the Harry Potter show in the Hydro Arena. That's the great thing about this photo booth hire business, you can work on it at any time, anywhere, as it suits. We are looking forward to this being the way for many years to come, when we make our office in some fantastic places!

A few weeks ago we were asked by Angela Elliot of The Normandy Hotel if we would like to supply our sevice at the Braehead Clans (our local Ice hockey team) Annual Players Award Dinner.

This was a no brainer as we were looking to supply The Normandy Hotel for their Tribute nights of which they do about 3 every week! We knew this would be a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase ourselves to The Normandy. Angela had already fallen in love with our set up as she had seen us at an earlier Cancer Charity night we had done at the hotel and thought we were amazing but, she still had to convince her boss!

On the night we took the opportunity to get Julie (Angela's boss) in the booth with her staff and get some great pictures that they could pinboard in her office.

The bonus for us was that we made contact with the Braehead Clans who loved all we did and said they would definitely use us in some of their event they have next year.

braehead clans photo booth.jpg

The Braehead Clans even gave us a mention in an email that was sent to thank The Normandy "I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for all your help and assistance in making our players Award dinner such a success. Thanks also Angela for arranging the extra details for us - Smiley Booth in particular was an absolute hit with everyone". Angela also sent me a personal email saying " Its the first time we've had a photo booth at this annual event so hopefully that will continue as it adds a wonderful, fun element to the event "

It is these kind of responses that make all we do worth while.

Another great experience we had recently was a 60th birthday party at a local golf club which Gordon Alexander had planned for his wife.

On arriving we made ourselves known to Gordon and asked him where he planned on having the booth. He showed us where and said this is where the golf club advise.

We had a look but where we were going would have been far too tight for what we had planned. We had a look around and found the perfect location in the same room as the main party but on a slightly different level. We showed this to Gordon and he said he was happy to go with our advice so we cleared out the area and set all up with plenty of time to spare. The night went ahead fantastically and as always we ended up being a part of the party joining in with all the fun and almost becoming part of the family. This is what we think sets Smiley Booth Glasgow apart from other photo booth companies, when you book you us the booth is only a part of the entertainment we set about makin it a special night through our personalities and the whole experience. Our reviews speak for themselves.

At the end of the night we cleared up as usual and presented our guests with their guest book and memory stick and gave them all a big hug (a must in my book)! We also said goodbye to the venue organiser who said to us and Gordon that we were the best photo booth that they have ever had and would definitely be booking us and promoting us for their future parties.

Glasgow photo booth 6th birthday.jpg

Here is a wee email Gordon sent to us after the party "Hi Louise and Alan, Margaret and myself just wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thank you to you both, it was brilliant throughout and the feedback we got from friends and family was second to none. The quality is just perfect, the album is wonderful and everyone we spoke to were thrilled at being able to take home a momento of the evening. Huge credit to both of you and your dedication in ensuring everything ran smoothly . You are both a great asset to your wonderful photo booth business. I hope you get some enquiries from the people who attended last night and that you go from strength to strength. All the Very best Margaret and Gordon"

Finally, on Sunday we supplied our service for a Holy Communion for Stacey Hogg at The Dalmany Park Country Hotel .

This was actually the hotel we were married in, so we were looking forward to reliving some great memories!


As usual we made prior contact with the hotel and made arrangements for our set up.

We arrived and set up all on schedule awaiting our guests. The plan was for guests arriving to have photos for an hour or so prior to the sit down dinner! It was busy but not all the guests got pictures before the dinner.

Stacey asked us if we would do an extra hour after the dinner so she could get photos of those who hadn't had their pictures. We said no problem but if she wanted to save money we could arrange for guests to come table by table to have photos taken in between courses then she would not need to pay for an extra hour. Stacey was delighted with this idea so we did so accordingly!

We got everyone pictured and then had a busy rush for the last half hour and ran on a little to ensure we captured everyone.

As we were packing up Stacey and her husband came over to us and thanked us so much for all the hard work we had done and even gave us a tip that would have more than covered the extra hour. I guess what goes around comes around!

For more information on how Smiley Booth Glasgow can make your event extra special please get in touch by clicking the link below.


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