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Learning about franchise opportunities through a discovery day

Very recently we delivered a "Discovery Day" to several franchise candidates who had driven and flown in from far and wide to attend.


It was a fast paced, social day that gave our candidates the opportunity to really get under the skin of the franchise business. 

As well as getting to grips with the equipment we had Andy, our Dorset franchisee, on hand to answer any questions about his experience of running the business. 


Mandy and Ben gave tours of the equipment demonstrating the differences between the photo booths and how they can be used to support events of all kinds. They also enthusiastically shared their combined 9 years experience in delivering photo booth events, including some of the crazy stories of meeting celebrities and drunken guests!


Throughout the day presentations were delivered describing our world class franchise marketing support enabling the candidates to really get a glimpse of how we attract customers and maintain the excellent reputation within the events industry.

Throughout the day 1-1's were held which each of our candidates with the co-founders of Smiley Booth Lee and Kate Johnson. It was a great chance for everyone to truly understand each others motivations, goals and dreams.


By the end of the day everyone had been fed, watered, talked for hours and felt fully immersed in the franchise experience. A lucky few were offered and accepted their very  own Smiley Booth franchise. 

Their training begins in 2 weeks marking the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey!

 Interested in learning more about Smiley Booths franchise opportunity? Then click on this link - photo booth franchise





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