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A good deal on a photo booth hire is sometimes not what it seems......

Posted by Alan McLardie |
September 05, 2017
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Wedding season now well underway and nearing the end so here are some of the highlights.




We had quoted a client with some of our packages recently. Were certainly looking forward to being part of the celebrations and when she came back to us saying she had better costs and could we look at ours.

We were more than happy to help.

So, as we do, I told her to look at some of our previous review on our Facebook page 

Hiring any service for your most important occasions should certainly be done with caution. The fact that Smiley Booth have been running for over 9 years with a wealth of experience as a group is something we're all incredibly proud of. Unfortunately we hear many horror stories about businesses offering low prices and either not showing or poor service. You can't "redo" an event so trust is super important. 

After looking through our reviews and Smiley Booths background she then did some comparisons. There was one alarming element to this particular competitor,  all their reviews appeared to have the same surname! Lol

It goes to show sometimes you really don't know about a service until you do some digging



Another event we were involved with over the Summer was held at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow for a Graduation ball for Accountants.


As usual with our photo booth hire we called the venue prior to the event to check in and see if there are any special arrangements or entries and to see where they would like our photo booth to be positioned. We had arranged to go in in the morning to set up for the evening as it sounded as if they were not too sure where to put us so thought better to be safe than sorry!


We turned up and was shown by the lovely organiser where she thought we should go.

I had a look around asked some questions on numbers etc and saw the set up of the rest of the room.

This was not going to work......

I asked if I could have a look around a bit more and see if I could find a better solution .

So I had a good look around and found another room upstairs that was overlooking the dance floor below. There were other tables but nicely positioned away from the dance floor and the bar area.

It was a bit more hassle for us to get the booth up those stairs but it would mean the best possible experience for the client so worth it in our mind ! As usual it was the best decision and the night went ahead with no problems and very satisfied clients .

 Get Me Glasgow Packages And Prices


A few months ago we did a 21st birthday Party for Amy Burnside in The Coalburn Miners Welfare Society Club.

This was in a place I had never heard of and thought to myself who knows what lies ahead with this one ?

Well we set off and eventually found the venue in the countryside in the middle of nowhere! It was a huge building and a huge event room.

We set up well ahead of the start time so went over to speak to Amys mother who was organising things .I asked how many people may be coming and she said that she had invited over 300 people so should be pretty busy.

I went back over to check over things as people had started arriving and said to my fellow Smiley boother that I don't see over 300 people coming to a 21st in this neck of the woods.

Boy was I wrong! They just kept coming and it was the busiest 21st I had ever been to!


We're due back their for another 21st next week!


We were lucky enough to be asked to supply our photo booth for a wedding in the beautiful building of The Glasgow University ( A stunning venue ) and a fantastic night was had by us even though we were working ( sometimes it is hard to believe it is work and you are getting paid to be at and enjoying these great events it is just like a night out).

We were all getting on great with the family and guests in the photo booth when I noticed Louise spending a lot of time talking to a lady and her baby . Louise explained how the new born baby had dry skin and Louise had been advising the new mother what to do as she had the same challenge with one of our children .

We are more than just booth operators after all!

After the chat we insisted that the baby and her mum must go in the booth and have their picture taken. At 5 weeks old she would be our youngest guest on record. 


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